We Are Cousins

By Greg Burton


This web site is the result of years of research and the assistance of many cousins.  It would be very difficult for one person to collect the information presented here. Information has been provided and research done by many people.

For the descendants of Peter Jacob Baron

Years ago Justina Baron researched many descendants of Peter Jacob Barron, Madeline Dodd organized that information and published a book.  Madeline also researched 6 generations of the ancestors of Peter Jacob Barron and his first wife Maria Teresa.  Research of the ancestors of Peter Jacob Barron’s second wife Julia Stritzinger was by me and also Robert Stritzinger who I met by chance at the Ellicott CityFamilyHistory  Center.  I have been in touch with many descendants of Peter Jacob Barron, and the information contained here is the result of research and family members providing information, I am not sure I can remember everyone who has helped with this project, and regret if I fail to mention the help that you provided.  As with any Genealogy Research, this project continues.  Errors and omissions are possible and we request your help in improving the next edition. Assisting in gathering information for this project were, Justina Baron, Madeline Dodd, Dorothy McLaughlin Brandt, Don Baumann, Don Weaver, Norman Schuhwerk, Gerry Otteni, Eileen Manzo, G. G. Noppinger, Cyntha Sue Baumann Andrews, Harold Bolkey, John Mason, John McGee, Lee Barron, Sam Brady, Virginia Weaver, Sharon Lantzy, Suzanne Scheuer Leone, and Greg Burton.



Greg Burton has been researching our family since about 1980.  His first book the Descendant of Peter Jacob Barron was published in July 2006, for the 100th anniversary Reunion of the Baron family.



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